Highland Dance Competition

Highland Dancers from across the United States will be competing at this year’s festival. This event is sanctioned by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing.

Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. Competition begins at 10:00 a.m. and will continue all day Saturday.



Please print and mail to:
Anne Martin
933 Ironwood Drive
Carmel, IN 46033



  1. 16 Pas de Basques
  2. PdB & Highcuts (x 4)
  3. Fling (4)
  4. Sword (2 & 1)


  1. Fling (4)
  2. Sword (2 & 1)
  3. Trews (3 & 1)
  4. Strathspey and HL Reel (2+2)


  1. Fling (4)
  2. Sword (2 & 1)
  3. Trews (3 & 1)
  4. Sword Challenge (2&1)
  5. Half Tulloch (4)


  1. Fling (4)
  2. Sword (2 & 1)
  3. Trews (3 & 1)
  4. Highland Laddie (4)


  1. Fling (4)
  2. Sword (2 & 1)
  3. Trews (3 & 1)
  4. Barracks (4)

Competition Levels


 General Information

  1. This event is governed by SOBHD rules. The judge’s decision is final.
  2. Registration for Primary, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Premier dancers will be at 9:30 and dancing to begin at 10:00. We will begin with the Highland dances, followed by the Novice Sword Challenge. After completion of these we will have a lunch break until 1 PM. The National dance competition will begin at 1 PM, followed by the awards ceremony.
  3. Passes will not be mailed. The competitor’s gate will have a list of entered dancers for free admittance. Family members do pay admission.
  4. Age groups are determined by the Dance Committee prior to the competition based upon the number of dancers entered in each category as of the closing date. We will try to have an adult age division when possible. No field entries allowed. First to enter will be last to dance, except last minute move ups.
    Medals for all groups. Trophies to all but Primary. Cash awards for premiers: Group 1: $40, $20, $10; Group 2: $50, $30, $20
  5. Indiana honors daylight savings time.
  6. One dollar of every entry is donated to FUSTA Midwest to support programs.
  7. Novice Sword Challenge will be the final morning event. Any novice dancer will be eligible to compete.

Questions? Email Anne at: dance@scottishfestival.org until September 1, 2017

Scottish Country Dancing

The Bloomington Scottish Country Dance Group will be performing in the Highland Dance Pavilion at 1:30 pm on Sunday.

Scottish Country Dancing began in Scotland in the 18th century. It is a social dance where a group of couples are positioned adjacent to each other in two parallel lines. A Scottish Country Dance is composed of a series of formations which are performed in a different sequence for each dance, of which there are hundreds. American Square Dancing evolved from Scottish Country Dancing, a major difference being that in square dancing, the formations are announced by a caller as the dance progresses. In Scottish Country Dancing, the formations of the dance are briefed before the dance begins. Dancers then rely on their memory to perform the dance.

Everyone is welcome at Bloomington Scottish Country Dancing Group classes!  For more information, visit BloomingtonScots.org.

2016 Highland Dance Winners

Beginner 13
Kathleen Donoho, Zionsville, IN

Ava Bryne, Novi, MI

Mikayla Brewer, St. Peters, MO

Premier 14 and under
Breagh MacKinnon, Cincinnati, OH 

Premier 15 and over
Katelyn Fraker, Thompson Station, TN

Most Promising Dancer
Edward Welch, New Richmond, OH

Joyce Deddins Award
Adeline Byrne, Novi, MI

Novice Sword Challenge
Ava Byrne, Novi, MI