Seven Nations

Through its touring schedule and dynamic live performances, SEVEN NATIONS has become one of the fastest growing live acts nationwide. They have logged in more than one million touring miles trying to make the music universal for old and new fans alike. To the five member band, that means being on tour 85 percent of the year, melding guitar and vocal elements of American pop and rock with Highland bagpipes and fiddle. The result is a high-energy performance that has fans jumping out of their seats, and has sparked interest industry-wide.


The Sprigs

The Sprigs were formed in 2003 by the all-star lineup of Brendan Bulger, James Conway, Marc McGowan, and Bill Knox as the premier American-Irish traditional band in Chicago. Since that time, in various iterations and to rave reviews, the band has toured extensively in North America and Western Europe and has released several recordings. Their most recent release of high-energy, technically dazzling, Irish-American dance tunes and ballads, The Vernal Pool, led to multiple 2015 tours of the US. In 2016 – the original lineup reunites to bring powerful, moving music to stages across the United States.


Dublin O’Shea

Dublin O’Shea is a musical group dedicated to preserving Celtic folk music, primarily pub songs from Ireland, Scotland and the Nautical Tradition.


Finnegan’s Men

Lance Minnis and Adin Pemberton, Finnegan’s Men, have been singing songs and performing together since 2008. Songs and ballads from Ireland, America, England, Scotland, and Canada, Finnegan’s Men bring a fresh take on classics and neotraditional. Lance plays guitar and fiddle and sings, and Adin plays bouzouki and bodhran and sings. Performing at historic events, St Patricks Day events, and pubs and clubs all over the Eastern United States Finnegan’s Men bring the sounds of traditional music to new audiences.