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Highland Reign

Highland Reign, a Scots American folk rock band from Indianapolis, takes the tunes of the old country and breathes a rocking new life into them!

With traditionals such as “My Heart’s in the Highlands”, originals like “Bonnie Eilidh”, Celtic classics songs “Twa Recruiting Sergeants” and “Loch Lomond”, Highland Reign has become one of America’s favorite Scottish folk rock bands!

With over 20,000 CDs sold, “Bring Forrit the Tartan” is the most recent releases by Highland Reign honoring our 20th year as a band! These CDs have the trademark upbeat vocals, catchy lyrics, and bagpipes/guitars!! Highland Reign appears at venues and festivals all across America, Scotland and Ireland!

With wailing bagpipes/guitar tunes, the lilt of the Scots-Irish fiddle, rocking percussion, and upbeat vocals, Highland Reign will rock you back to the old country!!!


Scottish Fish

Scottish Fish

Scottish Fish present a fresh take on traditional and contemporary Scottish and Cape Breton music. Their lively and unique arrangements are woven together from session music handed down from generations of the tradition’s finest players. They have performed at the Boston Celtic Music Festival, the Bellingham Celtic Festival, Club Passim, and at various other public and private venues across the United States. Their music and performances have earned them features on WGBH, KALW, and in American Girl and Folkworld Magazines; attracted the attention of programs such as America’s Got Talent; and secured an international audience of over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Scottish Fish have been named as “one of the most energetic and creative acts to take root in the local Celtic music scene this century” by Boston Irish reporter Sean Smith, and Scottish Fiddler Hanneke Cassel has described their sound as “both incredibly musical, and just a little unusual.” “Individually they are all creative and talented,” writes Cassel, “and together they spark each other, pushing each other even further to make amazing music.”


After discovering Scottish fiddle individually as kids, the five of us met at Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School in 2011. Whether it was through the UU church, school, or previous music camps, some of us had already known each other for a number of years. However, once we all ended up at BHSFS, we as a group were immediately inseparable.

Beginning that first year, it became a camp tradition to hoard candy under our beds and pillows. Among our favorite treats were Swedish Fish, and, when thinking of a name for our Ceilidh band, we thought it would be hilarious to call ourselves the Scottish Fish. Keep in mind, Maggie was 6 years old at the time, and the rest of us were 11. For better or for worse, the name stuck. Two years later, we played our first gig outside of camp and absolutely loved it.

Dublin O'Shea

Dublin O’Shea

Wisconsin’s own Dublin O’Shea has been together for over 20 years. Their repertoire of upbeat pub music includes songs of lost loves, sunken ships, general mayhem, and straight-up goofiness. If you are looking for a good time including, dancing, laughing, and sing-alongs – check out Dublin O’Shea.