Living History

The Shire of Cuil Choluim

The shire is the Columbus-based entity of The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The avowed purpose of the SCA is the study and recreation of the Middle Ages & Renaissance, its crafts, sciences, arts, traditions, literature, etc.

Want to learn more or get involved? Please contact the group’s Chronicler (secretary) Lady Tangwystl verch Gwilim, of the Shire of Cuil Choluim, mundanely known as Nancy McWhorter.

Vikings North America

An organization that specializes in Living History Exhibits of European people during the Viking Age (793–1066). VNA typically demonstrates period cooking and crafts, including a combination of leather working, blacksmithing wood working, jewelry making and farm tools. They also have trained warriors who fight with blunted steel weapons, and who man an armoury where audience members can see and feel the weapons and armour up close.

Clan Desdin

A non-profit youth mentoring program from Cincinnati, Clan Desdin bring 17th and 18th century Scottish and American history to life at living history events, cultural festivals, civic events and at schools by giving cooking demonstrations and first-person presentations on lifestyles, fashions and political views.

For more information, please contact Melissa Lohman, Communications Liaison at 513-242-8287.

Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard

Members of Indiana chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution will come in the uniforms their relatives would have worn in the Revolutionary War.