Giving Back

Advocates for Children

Advocates for Children envisions a community in which every child who has experienced abuse or neglect is given the opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving home. We are the local program stemming from the National CASA organization. We serve children who are victims of abuse and neglect in Bartholomew, Decatur, and Jennings counties here in Indiana.

Our network is powered by incredibly devoted people who believe that society has a fundamental obligation to ensure that every child victim has a compassionate adult who will fight to assure that child’s safe passage through the child welfare system and into adulthood.

We provide either volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) or staff Guardian Ad Litems (GALs) who are trained and empowered to ensure that every child can thrive in the safe embrace of a loving home. This advocacy work can make a lifelong difference for an abused or neglected child.

How it helps

Advocates for Children believes that every child has the right to grow up in a family. The program is here to give children the opportunity to thrive.

National research shows that children with a CASA volunteer spend less time in the foster care system. Judges have also observed that children with advocates have better chances of finding permanent homes.


St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue is dedicated to the rescuing, vetting & re-homing of purebred Scottish Terriers.

Our adoptable Scotties come from animal shelters, commercial breeders, and owner releases. We completely vet every dog to the best of our abilities.

Sea Cadets

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Sea Cadets) is a maritime based youth program sponsored by the U.S. Navy and supported by the U.S. Coast Guard. Cadets train on naval bases and other military installations in a variety of military disciplines, always choosing adventure, seeking challenges, and stepping outside of their comfort zones to prove to the world that Greatness Has No Age.

The Sea Cadets was established by the Navy League of the United States at the request of the Department of the Navy in 1962 to “create a favorable image of the Navy on the part of American youth”.

Today the Sea Cadets continue to further the image of our maritime services by:

  • Developing an interest and ability in seamanship and seagoing skills
  • Instilling virtues of good citizenship and strong moral principles in each cadet
  • Demonstrating the value of an alcohol-free, drug-free and gang-free lifestyle
  • Exposing cadets to the prestige of public service and a variety of career paths through hands-on training with our nation’s armed services

The mission of the Sea Cadets is to build leaders of character by imbuing in our cadets the highest ideals of honor, respect, commitment, and service.

Daughters of the American Revolution

The DAR, founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America’s future through better education for children.

DAR members volunteer millions of service hours annually in their local communities including supporting active duty military personnel and assisting veteran patients, awarding thousands of dollars in scholarships and financial aid each year to students, and supporting schools for underserved children with annual donations exceeding one million dollars.

As one of the most inclusive genealogical societies in the country, DAR boasts 190,000 members in 3,000 chapters across the United States and internationally. Any woman 18 years or older-regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background-who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution, is eligible for membership.

Encompassing an entire downtown city block, DAR National Headquarters houses one of the nation’s premier genealogical libraries, one of the foremost collections of pre-industrial American decorative arts, Washington’s largest concert hall, and an extensive collection of early American manuscripts and imprints.

Sons of the American Revolution

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR or SAR) was founded in 1889 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. SAR is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and promoting education to our future generations. SAR members volunteer untold hours of service each year in their local communities. SAR is very active in assisting veterans. We proudly assist teachers with living history interpreters, lesson planning materials and reenactment events for school aged youth to attend.

As one of the largest male societies in the country, SAR boasts tens of thousands of active members in over 550 chapters across the United States and internationally. Any male 18 years or older-regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background-who can prove blood lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution, is eligible for membership. We were on the razor’s edge in allowing DNA results to be used to prove descent for those with unclear roots. SAR National Headquarters houses one of the nation’s premier genealogical libraries. NSSAR is a Congressionally Chartered Organization and is exempt from Federal income taxes under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Kathy Hersey will be at the Festival both Saturday and Sunday. She will give presentations on wildlife and the work of Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators. She will also bring animals or birds for exhibit. Every year, an increasing number of wild animals are hit by cars, collide with buildings, and are electrocuted, poisoned, caught by pet cats, and suffer all sorts of civilization-related ills.

Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators, Inc is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing medical care, educational programs, and information about living with our native wildlife. Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators is a Volunteer agency. If you would like to help by volunteering or by making a donation, contact them through their website.

Bartholomew County Historical Society

The mission of the Bartholomew County Historical Society (BCHS) is to collect and preserve Bartholomew County artifacts, photographs, and documents. Through interpretive programs and displays, BCHS teaches the heritage of this region to enrich both present and future generations. Our goal is that we may know who we are today based on where we came from yesterday.